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        Drilling rig , multi-functional hydraulic drilling rigs, high lift drilling rigs, crawler type full hydraulic drilling rigs



        Technical support

        Technical support

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        Solution for back dragging powerless or low speed 


        (1) Hydraulic motor leakage: repair or replace

        (2) Low oil pressure: fine tune the high relief valve and lock it after adjustment. (it has been adjusted before leaving the factory, but the fine adjustment has no effect. Please return to the original position immediately and find other reasons.);

        (3) Relief valve or damaged: replace the relief valve;

        (4) Safety valve spring loose or not reset: fine adjustment of safety valve;

        (5) Wear of control valve core: replace the control valve

        (6) Oil pump wear: repair or replace the oil pump;

        (7) Low speed of diesel engine: increase the throttle of diesel engine;

        (8) Overheated hydraulic oil, low oil viscosity: shut down and check the hydraulic oil cooling system and hydraulic oil

        (9) Hydraulic oil deterioration: change the hydraulic oil;

        (10) Overflow valve failure on dual speed valve: clean the valve core or replace it


        Tips for drilling operation


        1. Start the diesel engine at idle speed or low speed (the speed is not more than 1000r / min) and run it at low speed for 10-30 minutes; if it is in winter, it must run at low speed without load until the hydraulic oil temperature is above 10 .

        2. Deviation drilling is very important, and the drilling tool should not be bent sharply. There should be more measuring points. During the fixed-point measurement, the driller controls the power head to rotate and monitors it through the synchronous display, so that the rotation angle indication stops at 12 o'clock, measures the depth of the top (inclination) of the bit, and determines whether the next step is rotary drilling or oblique jacking (according to the depth requirements). If it deviates from the design trajectory, it should be corrected in time. When the instruction stops at 12 o'clock, the bit tilts upward, and so on.

        3. When a drill pipe is pulled back, the upper and lower drill pipe buckles should be removed. First, clamp the upper and lower drill pipe joints with the front and rear clamps respectively, operate the shackle cylinder to loosen the lower joint of the drill pipe, loosen the rear clamp, reset the shackle cylinder, reverse the power head to complete the shackle, then clamp the lower joint with the rear clamp, reverse the power head to screw the joint buckle, and remove the drill pipe.


        Tips before running drilling rig


        (1) Construction site detection: use detection instruments to find out the direction, buried depth and nature of the original underground pipe network, and make marks; then verify by means of Municipal Archives and manual on-site investigation.

        (2) Check that the oil level of the hydraulic oil tank should not be less than 1 / 2 of the oil level; fill sufficient lubricating oil or grease according to the requirements of the rig lubrication parts.

        (3) Do a good job in the maintenance of the diesel engine, change the three filters and engine oil regularly, add antifreeze to the water radiator of the diesel engine, and change it regularly. Before starting, check whether the diesel is full, whether the antifreeze is sufficient, whether the oil level is normal, and whether the battery electrolyte is sufficient. Confirm that the diesel engine throttle is in idle position..

        (4) Check whether the valve handle and all electric control switches of the hydraulic system are in the middle position, and whether the mud pump handle is in the neutral position.

        (5) Confirm that the operation of the direction control system is normal, the battery power of the instrument and the probe is sufficient, and the positioning and orientation information (depth, top angle and tool facing angle) is accurate.


        Precautions for drilling rig operation


        1. Connect the guide drill bit with the drill pipe and the power head, and make sure that the water nozzle of the drill bit and the water path of the drill are unblocked without leakage before drilling.

        2. Align the upper and lower joints of the drill pipe, while slowly feeding the power head, slowly turn to make up, do not over tighten. Wipe the thread clean and apply thread oil before making up.

        3. The drilling speed should not be too fast, and should be reasonably selected according to the formation conditions.

        4. The probe should use alkaline battery. After the battery is used once, it should never be used again.

        5. When making oblique jacking, it is better to control the jacking amount at about 1m each time, and the curve should be slow.

        6. When the oil pressure of diesel engine is abnormal, stop the engine for inspection (see the operation manual).

        7. When changing the displacement of mud pump, it is not allowed to shift gear with speed.

        8. Confirm that the operating handle of the drilling rig returns to the center position and the diesel engine idles before shutdown.


        Technical service hotline: 13314988686/+8860987234878(English support)

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